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IDLS2022 Training Day - Option 3

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Tactical Data Link CONOPS & IER Workshop
Presented by: Stuart Collins and Kai Turner

Modern tactical communication technology is essential for the success on the battlefield but often there is a lack of understanding and cohesion to capture what is really needed to fulfil the operational requirements. At the early phases of the acquisition cycle there are also uncertainties in how best to use all the emerging technologies to achieve effective interoperability across domains?

To help inform these questions and overcome barriers, an early conceptual capture is needed. A Tactical Data Link (TDL) Concept of Operation (CONOPS), pitched at the right level will aid early requirements development and steer the exchange of information to right people, in the right warfare environments to the right network or channel.

In this workshop, Atheniem will use a realistic operational scenarios to explain the process of developing a national TDL CONOPS. Objectives that will be achieved are what to include in a CONOPS, how to structure a CONOPS and how to build it in an informative but also easy to understand way. This CONOPS can be used to give operators an idea how to employ the TDL, planners how to design networks, industry how to build systems and inform the chain of command of the importance of TDL augmentation.

Based on the CONOPS the workshop will continue to select a target platform for which we will define the Information Exchange requirements (IER’s)in relation to other platforms (Fighter, Ship, Ground Station, Helicopter) and explain the breakdown of this process into small managed pieces. IER’s can be used to define system requirements and TDL standards based implementation, which in turn will lead to more cost efficient procurement and ensure interoperability assurance is managed through the early phases of a TDL project.

The workshop does not require any previous knowledge of TDL or procurement. It is suitable for operators, which will understand how to specify the operational capabilities they desire, implementers who want to understand how to extract the requirement information from their customers and procurement personal that wants to understand how to define requirements that meet operational needs.