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IDLS2022 Training Day - Option 1

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The Evolution of Network Planning and Design
Presented by: Patrick Pierson

The processes of Multi-TDL Network Planning and Link 16 Network Design are indispensable to successful military operations. Unfortunately, new capabilities (e.g., Enhanced Throughput, Network Enabled Weapons, Integrated Fire Control, CMN-4, etc.), new waveforms (e.g., TTNT), increased demand on resources e.g., manpower, time slots, etc.), and the ever-increasing threat from near peer militaries (e.g., hypersonic weapons, drone swarms, etc.) require these processes evolve drastically and rapidly.

Advancing these activities from today’s time consuming, brain-power intensive, and largely mandraulic tasks to the near real-time, AI enabled, network configuration and reconfiguration required to support Mosaic Warfare is like going from morse code to Tik Tok. This training session will cover the Network Planning and Design processes as they exist today, the evolving threat and dynamic nature of tomorrow’s battlespace, and how these processes are evolving to meet the operational requirements of the future.