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IDLS2022 101 Course

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An introduction to Link 16 and Network Management Applications
Presented by: Brian Bass

Have you ever wondered why Link 16 is so complicated? Even those who have dealt with Link 16 often ponder this same question. Let’s lift the veil on some of the mystery and simplify the complexity of Link 16; after all – the more one understands something, the less mysterious it becomes!

This three-day, 101 level course is designed for those just beginning their Link 16 journey as well as for those that have been using Link 16 a while but may not understand all the mechanisms behind HOW it operates or WHY things are they way they appear. Class size is limited only to the size of the room and the bounds of one’s own curiosity. The only prerequisite is an eagerness to learn and share experiences with others.

We will follow the path to interoperability as a guide to understanding the deeper, technical aspects of Link 16 and come to comprehend the processes that allow us humans to manage this complex tactical communications capability.